Sep 6, 2010

Peer Interview / Introduction Assignment


For you returning members, this is the same ‘beginning-of-the-year” assignment as we have done in the past, but with a slight twist.  Since so many of you are equipped with inDesign (but probably need a refresher), you will be presenting the information on one newspaper page (11 x 17.25 inches).  For those of us that are new, we will also learn a bit about the process of writing, editing, and designing our work.  Your page is due by the end of class on Friday.
  • You are all responsible for scheduling this so it is completed on time.
  • You can (and should) be asking for advice and help from your editors and lead writers.
There are 9 groups of 3.  It is up to you to interview each other and present the information in the most informative and interesting way possible.  You will receive a participation grade, based mostly on effort and your ability to correctly present the information needed.  We will use these pages to discuss our process and our decisions in presenting the information.  The top two groups (decided by me, in consultation with the editors) will receive 100%.

You will be judged on the following areas:
  • Quality of writing
    • Factual accurateness
    • Interest for your readers
    • Creativity in presentation
    • Flawless use of grammar and mechanics
  • Quality of visuals
    • Clarity of images
    • Images relationship to content
    • Creativity in presentation
  • Overall page layout
    • Does your page draw your readers’ interest on first glance?
    • And does your page make it easy for them to read the information?
      • Balanced use of white space
      • Consistent and appropriate use of font
      • Easiness of readability

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