Nov 17, 2010

Assignments for critique sessions (November)

Here are two scoring guides for the following assignments due next week:
Marking Up the Text Rubric for Newspaper CritiquesStudent-Run Discussion, © Ms. Pettit, Modified by Ryan Gallagher
You are to mark-up the newspaper before the class, which you will be graded on. You will also be graded on your participation in the critique session, so make sure your notes help guide you to sophisticated analysis.

  • On Monday 11.22.10, Day 1. You are to come in with pages 18 - 28 marked up. This is the section that we will be covering in the critique.
  • On Tuesday 10.23.10, Day 7 (Long Block). Before lunch, you are to come in with notes on the website, and after lunch we will discuss pages 6 - 17, which you will also have marked-up. These are the sections that we will be covering in the critique.
This is a very important part of the class in terms of your grade since it is easy to specify in grading criteria, so please put in the appropriate effort. As you returning members know, this is such a valuable time for us to make improvements on our process and our product.

November 2010 Blue & Gold Malden High School